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Hello we are Soul Case,  a trifecta of dudes who grew up free among the towering pines and howlin' wolves of Northwest CT. Deep within those woods, we all found a similar calling.

Each "Soul Brother" is driven by one animalistic instinct, creation. We grow only with hard work and support from our loving fans. Independently recording our first album and getting together as many shows as we could, we had a successful first Summer in 2015. In Summer 2016, we will be releasing our second studio album. 

We look forward to growing with you and delivering the purest homegrown tunes on this side of the Mississippi. Consider us your trusted allies. Share your thoughts on the music. Tell us what you need. Ride the Soul Train with us.  This is only the beginning.

Soul Out.

Jeremy Hayden - VOX, Guitar, Keys

Let me begin *clears throat* 

I was born in 1994 and those were some seriously grungy f**king years man, even though I was a sh*t little infant, I absorbed the stylistics of the era ever so slightly.

One of my biggest influences is Weezer. I got my first guitar on my 11th birthday and it was one of those black, “I worship the f**king devil” looking rigs; needless to say, I thought it looked king and I remember trying to shred Slipknot riffs until the break of dawn.

I’ve since mellowed my flavors dabbling in mostly smooth acoustic rhythm. Now I’m this dude, the one who wrote this f**king thing, and I do music with my two friends. We are Soul Case. “Do you dig us?”

Elliott Hall - Drums/Percussion

I was born in a small vegetable garden. Things were simple then, before I discovered the drums. Rhythm infected me like a disease, I will never be able to get it out of my head. Now I drum for Soul Case because I have no other choice. I must cook beats. You need that head noddin’, ass shakin', low down, fat sh*t. I must supply it. 

I love drums and I love music. There are so many talented musicians to hear nowadays and I am influenced by everything I hear. Some of my favorite drummers are Adam Deitch, Questlove, Ginger Baker and John Bonham.

Soul Case is happy you are here. Let us take you on a journey. Ride with us on the Soul train. Drift with Soul Case. Soul Case is for the people. Thanks for tuning in.

Mike Brightly - Guitar

I Mike the Spike was born in a majestic yellow glow that baffled even the most illustrious medicine men. As a result I was hidden away from the world so as not to blind those who saw me.

For ten solitary years I did not lift my head from my study of the ancient masters. Through the holy medium of vinyl I absorbed the secrets of the greats.

From B.B King, Robert Johnson, Lightnin Hopkins and Magic Sam I soaked up the dirt nasty blues. At the feet of Hendrix and brother Duane I learned to rock, and I smoothed it all out with the jazz styles of Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, and Grant Green.

Now, freed from my tower prison, it is my mission to spread the Soul word, soloing over ever track in my path.